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Sunday, March 5th, 2006

Ubiquitous Design Objects


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hanoi jane.jpg

I receive so many magazines that a lot of things seem to pop up over and over.  Whether it’s the Tom Ford book, Barbara Barry’s china, or a mirrored dresser, often I have serious deja vu when skimming through.  The items of the month are a python bench*, and twice this month, a Russell Young silkscreen of Hanoi Jane’s mugshot.  One minute Jane Fonda is being spit on by a veteran, the next minute she’s hanging in Rosanna Arquette’s foyer.  At first glance I really thought that was Joan Jett in the ’80s.  Exact same ‘do.

Has anyone else noticed any objects lately that you’d usually think of as unique but are revealed to be ubiquitous by glossy mags?  Just wondering!

*I tried googling "python bench" to find an image, but the weirdest stuff came up.  Also, the above photo is just her mugshot and not the Russell Young silkscreen version.  To be honest, I’m too lazy to scan the picture of it in Sasha Lazard’s living room. 

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