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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

Get to Know the High Line


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It is so exciting to see a project like The High Line in NYC getting so much press. I swear I’ve seen it in the New York Times, Dwell, Artkrush (by the way, Artkrush is a great way to keep up on happenings in design) and a million other places recently. This would have been the best studio project in school – I am very jealous of anyone who had that as a design site!

To check it out, go to the Friends of the High Line website. The site is very thorough and impressive. I have provided links to some of the best parts of it at the end of this entry. The Friends of the High Line even have a very clever logo (I admit it, I judge groups somewhat by logo. Cheesy or stock logos are such a turn-off!).

New York High LineFor those of you who don’t know, the High Line is what is left of an elevated line in NYC between from 34th Street to Gansevoort Street. It is 1.45 miles long, stretching 22 blocks, and its area is 6.7 acres. A demolition was ordered in 2001. The Friends of the High Line fought the good fight and won.

The High Line will serve as a public promenade above the streets, moving at its own slower pace over the traffic and street life. It will be an integral part of the urban stitching, yet will be its own autonomous space. The design includes a lot of access from the street level, and will not rob the street of life like skywalks did in so many cities years ago. The area it passes through is chock full of art galleries, and many other museums and businesses will emerge as a result of this project.

Highlights of the High Line Website:

The Axonometric Drawing. It is under “design”. You can scroll along an axonometric view of the High Line, and zoom in and out of particular spots to see details and other views. I wish all web design and graphic design was this cool and accessible.

The Original Competition 720 entrants from 36 countries submitted designs. (I must also give props to my girl Elisabeth Saint-Amand , who scored an honorable mention)

The four final entries . My favorite images are by TerraGRAM.

La Promenade Plantee, a similar and very successful project in Paris.

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