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Customer Profile: Amy Ruppel, Portland OR

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Who’s Amy Ruppel?

Amy is an artist and photographer who recently redid her kitchen using a great Mibo pendant lamp that we featured in a recent newsletter on lighting.

We like Amy because she’s a customer; we LOVE her because she’s super-creative. She designed Material Furniture’s web site. Check out her website, "Amy Ruppel Loves to Draw and Paint", to see some more of her artwork.

Here’s our interview with Amy:

  1. What did your dining area look like before you got the lamp? What was up there?

    Everything looked great in that area after a coat of olive green-yellow paint and an addition of Danish furniture we’ve been collecting. But…We’ve had our 60’s split level for about a year now, and were constantly blinded by the cheap glass dome fixture that was up there every time we sat down to eat… you can only have so many candles on the table when you’re eating one of my hubby’s splendid feasts!

  2. Why did you choose this lamp? What do you like about it?
  3. I wanted something graphic up there instead of a run-of-the-mill light fixture – a piece of colorful artwork, to pair with the art already on the walls. I’m an artist myself, so the narrative and recognizable graphics really appealed to me. I was SO happy when I saw these lampshades and lamps! I want to have them all…

  4. What do you do? Could you talk about your work?
  5. I am an artist and illustrator, working at home full time. So I need to be inspired by everything around me right in my home. I mainly sell small bird paintings via online web site sales about very 6 weeks (this is one reason why I truly love the Clacket Lane shade/lamp by Mibo – soon to be my next purchase!). My medium is beeswax layered under and over digital prints on paper (derived from my photographs) that I cut into rounded shapes. It’s a sort of collage process, but not so obvious as one. The wax has such a precious quality to it, and it is the perfect medium for happy accidents – since you smooth out the surface with the flame of a propane torch. I like to tell people I paint with scissors and fire instead of a brush.

  6. Where do you get decorating inspiration?
  7. Mostly from magazines, like Dwell. And our TV is permanently tuned to the Fine Living Network or HGTV. Hooray for cable! Plus, I have a lot of friends who are designers and artists – I get a lot of inspiration from them. And let’s not forget the internet – without it, I wouldn’t have so easily downloaded instructions on how to change out a ceiling fixture to hang my Mibo lamp all by myself (man, that was easy!)! Also, is a great place to discover new objects being created around the world today. I like to envision and design a room around an interesting piece or two. Case in point: I now want an orange sofa sectional, to bring out the little orange dot on the Mibo lamp.

  8. Anything else to add?
  9. I’m just so enthralled that we live in a world where I can visit a mega-load of web sites and be inspired by objects of design 24/7 – and that I can go to sites like yours and buy them!

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