Tuesday, August 16th, 2005

Bean Bag Lounger Chairs from Fatboy


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Fatboy beanbag lounger chairWhen you think ‘beanbag’ you think ‘milk crates’ and ‘black halogen lamps’, right?

In 2000, talented Finnish designer Jukka Setala introduced a modern take on the beanbag — the Fatboy bean bag lounger chair. Since then she’s created a doggy bed version (Fatboy Doggy Boy Bed), toddler (Fatboy Junior), and even an ottoman (Fatboy Point) .

What truly sets these pieces apart from other beanbags (more than just their size) is their versatility. While a normal beanbag very nearly lets you do quite a few things almost comfortably, Fatboys, thanks to their defined shapes, are genuinely useful as multiple kinds of furniture.

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Two kids on a Fatboy Original

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