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Sunday, May 15th, 2005

1 P.M – Jacob Javitz Center


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Drew, Sina, Matt and I trudged the 15 blocks from the DOWNTOWN show to ICFF at the Javitz Center. Javitz is MASSIVE! Right off the bat I got to meet Lotta Jansdotter, Anglea Adams and Madeline Rogers and Paula Buzzard (Mibo), all designers I have admired for a long time. I was completely in awe and tongue-tied. Paula thought I was a fictitious character, as she claimed she emailed me from a newsletter and I never wrote back. This made me mad at Drew, because I never got the email.

If you ever email me and do not hear back, it’s all his fault.

By the way, we will no longer be carrying Angela Adams products, as she assaulted Design Public co-founder Drew in her booth in the middle of everything. He was humiliated. Just kidding, he was asking for it. Seriously, she was a good sport to pose for an action shot! She also has a very cool laid back DJ kind of voice – check out our interview with her.

Angela Adams fights co-founder Drew

OK, way too many people out there now have “architect glasses,” yours truly included. I decided that the backlash from this will be that everyone will soon be wearing eyewear modeled after the horrid lenses in Napolean Dynamite.


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